Life Song Advocacy

Life Song promotes UCCS formulas and frameworks of living, for which there is broad social consensus, as aspirations for populations to adopt in maturing beyond the competitive struggles of societal independence into coordinated engagements of life's interdependence. These include advocacy for Sacred Lilith...the TSiSC observance of the Sacred Life and Living Earth story of living meaningfulness; CASoRe (Communal Asset Social Resourcing)...the Chevil Até Project's solidarity economic model for ChAPters of its self-organizing bioregional network; and other examples of re-imagined living that are being developed across the Ten Sights scope of living endeavors.
Life Song also inspires the Life Song Festivals and Life Song meta initiative that are organized by Chevil Até's Abundance Leagues as showcases for the advancements of ChAPter efforts in the Maturity One campaign.