POB: The Perils of Being Apathetic and Disengaged

Prospecting Social Consensus on Ways To Live for the Collective Well-Being of All Life

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The Perils of Being Apathetic and Disengaged (P.O.B.) is a discussion forum covering the spectrum of human endeavors and that invites every perspective on social matters important to Humanity. The dialog seeks to broaden Human Society's understanding of the diversity of orientations and world views engaging our lives, and the value of all of life's distinctions in establishing conditions of universal inclusiveness and social cohesion. P.O.B.'s format examines where there is common interest among these distinctions, and a foundation of consensus for avoiding the perils of perpetual tensions between polarized social viewpoints.

Review the "Participation Guidelines" to join in, and welcome! (Guidelines currently being revised)

Dimensions of Living Interrelation
The Ten Sights Scope of Living Endeavors
Universal Cosmology
Global Society
Regional Population
Local Community
Group Association
Context and Meaning Reflections


Wellness Attendings
Habitat and Environmental Accordances


Culture and Identity Observances
Relationship Alignments
Value Contemplations
Governing Deliberations and Civic Espousals

Considering  the Maturity 1 Campaign

Practice Delivering and Resourcing


Scientific and Technological Application
Previously Unconsidered Dimensions of Living

Most recent update: 2022.12.15