Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society (UCCS)

UCCS formulated patterns, systems, and formulas of living for the Ten Sights categories of living endeavor:

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A compass for enabling populations of the Living World to coexist as societies of interdependent beings; groups and communities of common and aligned interests; and individuals of distinguishing nature and spirit, whom function cohesively and adaptively across their differences and distinctions through consensus standards that re-engineer social development to synchronize with global campaigns for expanding thriving wellness and well-being that truly extends to all life

UCCS is a method for systematically shifting the emphasis of social development in our world toward thriving possibilities enabling populations to collectively aspire beyong subsistence states of being and abandon disadvantaged circumstances. UCCS functions as a standard for steering social development on bearings that provide universally inclusive solutions to both the possibilities as well as the problems before us; preserve, as well as restore, planetary systems that living beings depend on to survive and prosper; and expand consensus among social developers on systemic changes in Living Society needed for enabling true grass roots achievements in social development.
Economically, UCCS is designed as a blueprint and process for shifting social organizing and its resourcing over to regenerative models that insulate communities and people from exploitive models that commodify Life and concentrate wealth, power, and access to resources and opportunity.
Socially, UCCS prompts the deliberation of social consensus by relying on passions and callings of the soul, more so than struggles of lived experiences. This approach aligns social development with desired interests we aspire to and thrive in more than those we fearfully react to in surviving threats of harm. UCCS seeks to enable undertaking passionate calling of purpose and responsibility (Life Songs) as primary endeavors in life rather than obligatory subsistence laboring, and fosters collaboration and alliance in the social emphasis that is grounded in life song and other life-serving interests, more so than gain-based interests.
The purposes underlying UCCS are helping the populations of the world mature their coexistence into

  • supporting all life-serving ways of being and every observable distinction and significance of living spirit;
  • expanding understanding and sanctuary for the archetypal roles in cohesive living these spirits are, and
  • expanding social consensus on life-serving interests and ways of organizing societies to support these archetypes of spirit through a set of social and environmental development criteria that guide communities in establishing enabling conditions for collective thriving security (ECTS) to their populations.