"It is the cohesion and integration of our societies that must be enhanced...We need to build not only geographical but spiritual bridges between people and strengthen the intellectual, cultural and communication linkages between our societies."

-Federico Mayor, Former Director-General of UNESCO

The work of Swan's Reach is re-imagining CivilizationCoexistence in a social vision of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-being (UTW) by bridge-building across differing systemic ways of living (lifestyle archetypes), at the societal level of functioning, to enable the shifts in social development needed for populations to exist cohesively across all model differences; endeavors; and conditions,­ for the distinguishing characteristics of archetypal spirit and nature that populate them to be integrally acknowledged and served in the organized population; and for the economies of these populations to be in responsible service to life-giving ecosystems of the bioregions where they settle and migrate.

Through a standard of social development called Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society (UCCS) that is researched; advocated; organized; and resourced across the Ten Sights scope of living endeavors, we align local development efforts with global campaigns to expand social consensus on which living designs and practices advance UTW and responsible stewardship of the world's resources. The designs of this consensus are then modeled in the Maturity 1 campaign and the Chevil Até Project of the Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion.