Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being

The Envisioned Condition of All Life in Sacred Lilith

Bioregionally Interdependent and Ecosystemically Cooperative instead of Geopolitically Independent and Competitive

Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW) is a state of being in which everything that lives exists cohesively and adaptively across differences, and matures beyond modes of operating that lead to disparity and discord…or that seduce the actors of social misdoings. By using the P.I.I.R.A. method of appraising which ways of living to (P)reserve, (I)ncubate, or (I)nnovate as necessary for developing the anchoring systems and institutions of UTW; to (R)econfigure in adapting existing enterprises and other social formations as bridges to UTW; or to (A)bandon as obsolete or too under serving to UTW, bioregional populations engage in:

  • re-thinking their framing stories of meaning and purpose in life to honor every cohesively demonstrated and expressed way of living;
  • reformulating the systematic processes and living patterns of our associated circles (and convened society by extension) in ecosystemically regenerative, integral, and interdependent designs instead of geopolitically depleting and competitively independent designs;
  • reconfiguring social institutions and enterprises to comprehensively support and advance ecosystemic social aspirations; and
  • discarding ways of living that are disadvantaging to any portion of the living world (despite other benefits they may provide) for ways that model universal solidarity,

populations may then re-organize themselves and re-invent Living Society to enable the thriving coexistence of all life through re-imagined designs such as:

  • communal asset formulas of social resourcing that are regenerative and distributive throughout populations, and don’t inherently concentrate assets and exploit resources and people in the ways that private capital such as “money” is generally formulated to;
  • models of social activation and encouragement that exemplify cooperation and co-creation, rather than compel individuals and groups in the ways that “leadership”, “directorship”, and “dictatorship” are most often formulated to; and
  • formats of social contribution and vocation, such as living stewardship that originate from soulful cravings, callings of spirit, and natural talents, gifts, and capacities that excite and rejuvenate the soul and spirit instead of distress and impose on them in the ways that “jobs”, “indentureship”, and “enslavement” are fundamentally formulated to.